*  Flow Control & Safe Guarding Systems.
*  Flare Systems.
*  Power Station Packages.
*  Refinery Equipment (Fired Heaters, Reactors, Columns, Pressure Vessels, Tanks
    … etc).
*  Heat Transfer Equipment (Plate Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube Heat
   Exchangers & Air Cooled Coolers).
*  Process Packages (Separation, Fuel Gas Conditioning, Dehydration…etc).
*  All kind of Valves (Ball, Globe, Gate, Check, Butterfly, Safety …etc), Carbon
    Steel , Stainless Steel, Duplex S., Alloy Steel.
*  Boilers – Water Tube & Fire Tube.
*  Sucker Rod Pumping Units.
*  Piping & Bulk Material (Pipes, Fittings, Elbows, Tees,… etc).
* Vacuum Systems.
*  Stainless Steel Flexible Metal Hoses.
*  Skilled & high caliber labors "Egyptian & Foreigners" for Domestic and
    International Projects.


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